Yetu Top Tips for Civil Society Fundraisers

The Yetu Initiative is a community of impactful Civil Society Organisations in Kenya We understand than fundraising sometimes can be difficult and that's why we've created this list of top tips to help you succeed Number 1: determine one specific project with your clear goals 2: Create a fundraising team and set clear roles and responsibilities for each team member 3: Map out your target audience and plan how you are going to reach them

4 A variety of channels is advised including direct communication, WhatsApp and other social media platforms 5 Stories are powerful, you can engage your audience by sharing pictures, videos and stories told from the beneficiaries perspective 6 Fundraising is not begging, inform your supporters how their contributions will be used to make a difference in the community 7

Your goal as a fundraiser is to build and maintain relationships with your supporters 8 Always remember to thank and update supporters on progress of your fundraiser To learn more, visit wwwyetuorg now

Source: Youtube