Nigerian Poverty Situation

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did you know Nigeria is Africa's most populous country and the seventh most populous country in the world with an estimated population of above 190 million one in every five African is a Nigerian did you know fewer than one hundred and twelve million Nigerians now live below poverty levels as global Poor hits 1 billion Mark did you know in every minute of every day at least four children die of poverty related issues

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four, that is before I put a full stop to my next sentence a child just had a full stop and to be a full stop not to realize there is enough food stuff for everyone but not everyone has enough food FOOD FOR THOUGHT, and yet we sleep comfortably knowing someone out there doesn't have dreams because if the hunger doesn't kill as they drift of they wake from this nightmare to starve till they drift off Carbonhydrate becomes the balance diet as the ingest carbon and hydrated on clean water with no shelter, pollution because the Sanitation no wonder they decay with a half-life expectancy as they waste so it's farewell to their welfare and education – that should be primary and principle becomes elementary and kind of gotten from the school we call public as they are kinda thought but how can they think when the assignment is always problems plights and predicaments how can these kids learn when their backpack is not packed back and the lunch box is not boxed with lunch and there is no ground to play in this playground as no one cares for a day to make a daycare and the classroom is not a room for a class as lesson is less seen in their homework because they go home to work to parents who cannot pay rent and hardship becomes their teacher as they are tested with world problems in maths a set divider a malpractice that will make them not to com-pass so they degrade in recess from this Faculty of ill literacy no wonder ten point five million kids which translate to one out of every five Nigerian children are out of school they are just like us they have genes just without hygiene, been well without having well-being, health care without care to health it's like being patient being a patient, the stress from distress, the pressure from depression, frustration no wonder poverty drives crime rate high and the government that should govern men are busy with politricks, all I see is polls and tricks and expense on parties to aid corruption and not a single pence to aid our core from rupturing

POLITICIANS People Of Little Interest Towards Individual Concern In Any Nation How do a commoner come back from an outcome that is no income what do we become the effect of defect as we have the ability to stop disability and we have the ease to stop disease and we are the comfort to stop discomfort and we have the composure to stop discomposure, let us awake from this wake to realize people are morning in the morning and after till afternoon even in the evening Poverty is not a condition, it's a situation I have seen what poverty can do to men I have see what men can do to poverty let's make Poverty History

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