How a Bicycle is Leading One Girl Out of Poverty

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(ourbetterworldorg) When I was younger, like 10 years old, I picked up cycling

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(an Our Better World story) (by Anshul Tiwari) (POWERED BY SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION) I want to study and grow up to be a doctor So we don't have to live in poverty anymore No one in my family has been to school That's why I want to study, and I have been going to school for the past 10 years I love to study subjects, like Hindi, Marathi, English, Geography, at the school

I take part in annual sports competitions When my father was paralysed, there was no one to look after him, or to feed him Hence, I stopped going to school (Sumitra quit school to take care of her father) (She was in 9th grade

) Dr Suwas brought us new bicycles at the school I was really happy when I got a new bicycle Earlier it took me a long time to reach school, because I had to walk the whole way With my new bicycle, I could reach school faster I am back home sooner after leaving school

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I can finish my housework fast and spend more time on my studies I will continue with my studies and will help people I will amount to something in life Come what may, I won't leave school (ourbetterworld

org) (Telling stories Inspiring action) (Our Better World) (POWERED BY SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION)

Source: Youtube

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