A world without poverty – is that possible?

A world without poverty – is that possible? Yes! Because the 2030 Agenda aims to eradicate absolute poverty by 2030 Key to this is access to renewable energy

Among other things it can be used for the production of food or simply to bring light into remote households Exemplary for a sustainable energy production is the Barefoot Collage from India It trains women to become solar technicians They build and maintain facilities in communities that otherwise could not be powered Affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for many remote households, in 80 countries worldwide

But not only access to sustainable energy creates better living conditions Improved health care, good education and sustainable water for all also serve as a compass that helps us navigate to a world that is more just In the end: If you want a decent life for all, the 2030 Agenda needs to be implemented We are working on it

Source: Youtube