Research and Development Resources

A list of free guides, how-to tools and other resources on Research and Development for NGOs and development professionals.

A Free Water Project Toolkit

The Water Project Toolkit addresses the sustainable development of the water sector and contributes to translating the international development policies on freshwater resources management into actual development cooperation activities. The Water Project Toolkit is intended to be used by sector stakeholders such as governments, private sector, civil society, development partners, Universities and other training institutions,… [Read More]

A Free Toolkit for Indicator Development in Justice and Safety

The Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) at Harvard Kennedy School has designed a Toolkit for Indicator Development in Justice and Safety, which is a self-directed instructional tool to help government agencies and non-government organizations to measure complex operations or persistent problems in the justice sector. This self-directed guide may be used by… [Read More]

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A Free Global Handbook for Childhood: How to Measure Socio-economic Indicators and Child-targeted Public Spending in Developing Countries

The Global Handbook for Children aims to reinforce the struggle for the rights of the child, the main idea being to provide the methodological tools needed to build and interpret indicators of child health, education and nutrition. The first three chapters of the handbook act as a guide for those undertaking socio-economic research on the… [Read More]

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A Free Handbook on Growing Up Without Violence: Respecting Children

Respecting Children has been designed to encourage discussion and reflection on the needs of 21st century children. Children are people in their own right, with contributions to make and ideas to share about family life and community. It is widely acknowledged that violence against children fundamentally breaches their human rights, and this is clearly stated… [Read More]

Take Care: A Free Toolkit provided by Save the Children

Save the Children ran the Take Care project with primary school aged children. Across the European project, partners also worked with teenagers, youth groups and children with disabilities. This toolkit is based on the work done by Save the Children UK. Take Care is designed to be used as a framework that can be adapted… [Read More]

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DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

The DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Toolkit is designed for a broad range of healthcare providers, including direct providers, administrators, and healthcare organizations, this toolkit provides an education on tobacco use, skills for engaging in tobacco cessation discussions, efficient methods for assessing an individual’s readiness to quit, and information and research on treatments. Why is a Tobacco… [Read More]

A Free Toolkit for Reporting on Human Rights Issues: Speak Up, Speak Out

The Internews toolkit ‘Speak Up, Speak Out: A Toolkit for Reporting on Human Rights Issues’ is both a human rights reference guide and a workbook for journalists and civic activists who want to improve their ability to report on human rights issues in a fair, accurate, and sensitive way. It combines background information on international… [Read More]

A Free Toolkit for Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition

The Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition Initiative shares a new open-access guide that collects lessons learned from four partner countries to help others harness agricultural biodiversity to transform the food system for development, food security and nutrition. Throughout its six years of experience in Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Turkey, the Biodiversity for Food and… [Read More]

A Free Toolkit for Action: Young Men and HIV Prevention

This guide serves to reinforce the benefits of working with young men and provides conceptual and practical information on how to design, implement and evaluate HIV prevention activities which incorporate a gender perspective and engage young men and relevant stakeholders. Specific topics include how to: Carry out a needs assessment to understand the influences on… [Read More]