Poverty Alleviation Resources

A list of free guides, how-to tools and other resources on Poverty Alleviation for NGOs and development professionals.

A Free Guide for Practitioners: Doing Social Innovation

This short guide is aimed at practitioners – those currently or considering engaging with social innovations. Even though the term social innovation is becoming more widespread, there remains significant confusion about what it is and what the term means. This guide aims to provide an overview of what social innovation is; who does it and… [Read More]

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A Free Field Practitioner’s Guide on Institutional and Organizational Analysis and Capacity Strengthening

This “Institutional and Organizational Analysis and Capacity Strengthening” guide was funded by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP), the single largest climate change initiative for smallholder farmers worldwide. The purpose of this Guide is to support institutional and organizational analysis and strengthening (IOA/S) for design and implementation of programmes… [Read More]

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Free PROPEL Toolkit: An Implementation Guide to the Ultra-Poor Graduation Approach

The PROPEL Toolkit: An Implementation Guide to the Ultra-Poor Graduation Approach is a product of the depth of knowledge and experiences gleaned from countless BRAC programme staff, partner organisations and peer institutions from around the world. This Toolkit would not have been possible without their unflagging commitment to serving the ultra poor and other vulnerable… [Read More]

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A Free Toolkit on Poverty Reduction through Tourism in Rural Areas

A toolkit on poverty reduction through tourism has been produced. It aims at assisting developing and least developed countries to create a sustainable tourism industry and businesses based on decent employment. It is oriented towards SMEs and local communities in rural areas and includes case studies, training sessions and best practices. The toolkit illustrates the… [Read More]

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A Free Handbook for Journalists: Climate Governance in Africa

Climate governance is a difficult subject bringing together the social, technical, policy, financial and political elements of climate change. At the root of these issues remain grave concerns about Africa’s development needs and the need to address imperatives such as poverty, unemployment, food security and health. In addition, questions remain about whether the interests of… [Read More]

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A Free Fighting Poverty with Faith Food Stamp Challenge Action Toolkit

The Food Stamp Challenge is a week-long event where leaders and community members live on the average food stamp allotment. The toolkit is a great way of mobilizing their community to better understand how the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) works on a personal level while highlighting the continued need for feeding programs. What is… [Read More]

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Download this Free Fighting Poverty with Faith Food Stamp Challenge Action Toolkit

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A Free Toolkit for Indigenous Women’s Rights and the African Human Rights System

Indigenous women form one of the most vulnerable groups on the African continent. They face multiple forms of discrimination associated especially with their indigenous identity, their gender, culture, religion and language. This multiple, or intersectional, discrimination is a significant obstacle to the ability of indigenous women to exercise their rights. As such, it limits their… [Read More]

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A Free Toolkit on Structural Funds for Social NGOs

This toolkit is created to support National Networks to make use of the ESF in their fight against poverty. Aims Aims of this toolkit: To provide guidance for National Networks to influence Managing Authorities while drafting the Operational Programmes. To ensure that the SF OPs will deliver on the poverty reduction target and will respect… [Read More]

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A Free Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis

The Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis: A Working Document is designed to be a valuable resource to help staff of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), government officers, consultants, project sponsors/borrowers, and other stakeholders to effectively address the poverty and social dimensions of ADB’s operations. Ultimately, the handbook aims to contribute to positive development outcomes… [Read More]