Food and Nutrition Resources

A list of free guides, how-to tools and other resources on Food and Nutrition for NGOs and development professionals.

A Free Toolkit for Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition

The Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition Initiative shares a new open-access guide that collects lessons learned from four partner countries to help others harness agricultural biodiversity to transform the food system for development, food security and nutrition. Throughout its six years of experience in Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Turkey, the Biodiversity for Food and… [Read More]

Download this free Toolkit for Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition

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Free Toolkit for Action on how Sports can Contribute to Achieve SDGs

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development acknowledges sport as an important enabler of sustainable development, recognizing the growing contribution of sport to the realization of development and peace in its promotion of tolerance and respect and the contributions that it makes to the Sustainable Development Goals. This toolkit reflects the experiences of various UN entities,… [Read More]

Free Toolkit for Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

The coastal and marine environment plays a vital role in supporting human welfare by virtue of its immense biological and mineral resources and the life-supporting systems it provides. Production operations and economic installations along the coast, such as marine fishing, aquaculture, agriculture, oil and gas exploration, ports and harbours, and tourism, contribute significantly to the… [Read More]

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Download this Free Nutrition-WASH Toolkit: Guide for Practical Joint Actions

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A Free Nutrition-WASH Toolkit: Guide for Practical Joint Actions

The recent and increasing body of evidence indicates a strong relationship between poor WASH and stunting, and stresses the need for joint Nutrition and WASH interventions for improving nutrition outcomes. Responding to growing demand for practical guidance on joint Nutrition – WASH programming and actions, this EAPRO led WASH-Nutrition Toolkit is the first of such… [Read More]

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Free Practitioner’s Guidebook and Toolkit for Agricultural Policy Reform

This guidebook, and associated tools, is designed to help agricultural policy practitioners improve the effectiveness of their engagement with policy systems in developing countries. It provides practitioners with conceptual tools and practical strategies designed to improve the quality of policy practitioners’ efforts to influence complex agricultural policy systems. Utilizing this guidebook and associated tools will… [Read More]

 A Free Gender Toolkit: Integrating Gender in Programming for Every Child in South Asia

This toolkit has been prepared for UNICEF professionals at all levels in the South Asia region, working on gender interventions at national and subnational levels including gender focal points and specialists, non-gender specialists, management, sector staff and planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) teams. It may also be a useful resource for government stakeholders working closely… [Read More]

A Free Advocacy Toolkit for Africa

One third of cancer deaths are due to preventable causes such as viral infection, poor nutrition and widespread tobacco use. Another third of cases are treatable if detected early but governments and institutions face a wide range of serious health problems, and cancer is often not a priority in limited resource settings. Cancer control in… [Read More]

A Free Assessment Toolkit: Assessing Gender-Sensitive Implementation and Country-Level Monitoring of the Tenure Governance

ActionAid International has been working over the last few years with women and rural communities to challenge commercialization of land, which leads to loss of their rights to and control over land and other resources. The Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of tenure of land, forest and Fisheries – VGGTs, together with the AU… [Read More]