Employment, Labor and Livelihood Resources

A list of free guides, how-to tools and other resources on Employment, Labor and Livelihood for NGOs and development professionals.

A Free Handbook for Managers on Facilitating Children’s Participation in Actions to Address Child Labour: Learning to Work Together

The conviction underlying Learning to Work Together is that the main obstacles to children’s participation are adult fears and uncertainties when confronted with the challenge to fulfill this right. In all societies, and certainly in Asia, traditional views of children are that they are dependent on adults and lack competence in making decisions. Thus the… [Read More]

A Free Handbook on Child-led Organisation and Advocacy on Child Labour: From Child Labour to Children in Charge

“From child labour to children in charge” is a handbook that provides theoretical and practical knowledge on child-led organisations and advocacy on child labour and is based on five years of field experience in Bangladesh. The document is published by Save the Children Sweden-Denmark in Bangladesh in close collaboration with INCIDIN Bangladesh, SEEP, BITA, Nari… [Read More]

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A Free Handbook on Integration for Policy-Makers and Practitioners

The Handbook on Integration contains ‘lessons learned’ and good practices drawn from the experience of policy-makers and practitioners across Europe. By collecting and presenting concrete examples from different areas of immigrant integration, the Handbook feeds into a larger policy process in the field of integration in the European Union (EU), notably the development of the… [Read More]

A Free Commonwealth Toolkit for Policy Progress on LGBT Rights

Across the Commonwealth incremental gains are being made in the struggle for equal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) citizens. In many countries, governments and civil society have quietly expanded progress through areas of policy enacted by executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. While 40 of the 53 Commonwealth members still criminalise… [Read More]

A Free Inter-Agency Toolkit: Supporting the Protection Needs of Child Labourers in Emergencies

This toolkit has been developed through strong inter-agency collaboration at the global level in support of the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, 2012 (CPMS), Minimum Standard 12 Child Labour. Approaching child labour in humanitarian contexts differs significantly from longer-term child labour programming. As such this toolkit focuses on providing guidance in-line with… [Read More]

A Free Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis

The Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis: A Working Document is designed to be a valuable resource to help staff of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), government officers, consultants, project sponsors/borrowers, and other stakeholders to effectively address the poverty and social dimensions of ADB’s operations. Ultimately, the handbook aims to contribute to positive development outcomes… [Read More]

A Free Handbook on How to Prevent Human Trafficking for Domestic Servitude in Diplomatic Households and Protect Private Domestic Workers

The aim of this handbook is to raise awareness of how host states can regulate and monitor the employment conditions of private domestic workers in diplomatic households. It highlights how protocol departments and similar authorities can prevent exploitation or abuse and what can be done if it occurs. The purpose of this handbook is to… [Read More]

Civil Society and Human Rights in Peril: Threats and Responses Across the World

[MUSIC PLAYING] Everybody, I know it's a Friday It's been a long week and this is the last mile, but you're all here for what I think is a very exciting event, this panel on Civil Society and Human Rights in Peril My name is Patrick Keller I'm a professor in the department of sociology,… [Read More]

Poverty in India | Wikipedia audio article

Poverty is a significant issue in India, despite being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, clocked at a growth rate of 711% in 2015, and a sizable consumer economy The World Bank reviewed and proposed revisions on May 2014 to its poverty calculation methodology and purchasing power parity basis for measuring poverty worldwide… [Read More]