Democracy and Good Governance

A list of free guides, how-to tools and other resources on Democracy and Good Governance Resources for NGOs and development professionals.

A Free Handbook for Journalists: Climate Governance in Africa

Climate governance is a difficult subject bringing together the social, technical, policy, financial and political elements of climate change. At the root of these issues remain grave concerns about Africa’s development needs and the need to address imperatives such as poverty, unemployment, food security and health. In addition, questions remain about whether the interests of… [Read More]

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A Free Handbook on Reconciliation After Violent Conflict

How does a newly democratized nation constructively address the past to move from a divided history to a shared future? How do people rebuild coexistence after violence? This Handbook presents a range of tools that can be, and have been, employed in the design and implementation of reconciliation processes. Most of them draw on the… [Read More]

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A Free Quick Guide to Engaging with Regional Policy in the Pacific

The purpose of this booklet is to provide information on the regional governance system and share some ideas on how civil society can constructively engage to influence policy. Pacific Leaders have expressed their ambition to come together as a region to collaborate around regional solutions and move closer to regional integration. This is the vision… [Read More]

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A Free Handbook on Integration for Policy-Makers and Practitioners

The Handbook on Integration contains ‘lessons learned’ and good practices drawn from the experience of policy-makers and practitioners across Europe. By collecting and presenting concrete examples from different areas of immigrant integration, the Handbook feeds into a larger policy process in the field of integration in the European Union (EU), notably the development of the… [Read More]

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A Free Toolkit for Analysis: Toward Gender Equality in Europe and Eurasia

‘Toward Gender Equality in Europe and Eurasia: A Toolkit for Analysis’, has been prepared to provide USAID Mission staff working in the E&E region with a resource for conducting gender analysis in the context of project design. It is intended as a tool to assist in implementing USAID policy on promoting gender equality and female… [Read More]

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A Free Toolkit for Intervention on Land & Conflict

The purpose of this Land & Conflict toolkit is to provide a practical introduction to the relationship between land and violent conflict. The relationship is stark, whether they are talking about how land issues function as causal or aggravating factors in conflict, or whether we are thinking about land-related issues that arise in post-conflict settings…. [Read More]

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A Free Peacebuilding Toolkit for Educators – High School Edition

This Peacebuilding Toolkit for Educators is designed to support the work of educators as peacebuilders. The focus of this toolkit is on peacebuilding because they know that peacebuilding must be developed, fostered, and supported. The goal is to help in the development of young people as peacebuilders and to raise the visibility of positive examples… [Read More]

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A Free Toolkit for Making Everyone Count in Sub-Saharan Africa

Digital identity (Digital ID) is a catalyst for development and progress, particularly for low- and middle- income countries. According to a recent World Bank Group publication titled Digital Identity Toolkit: A Guide for Stakeholders in Africa, Digital ID is not only a key enabler for service delivery to the poorest, but also helps grow a… [Read More]

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A Free Handbook for Monitoring Administrative Justice

This handbook provides an overview of main fair trial rights and OSCE commitments applicable to judicial hearings within administrative justice, as well as practical information for establishing and running a trial monitoring operation in the field of administrative justice. The handbook is based on international, European and other regional standards, including OSCE commitments, as well… [Read More]