Business and Development Resources

A list of free guides, how-to tools and other resources on Business and Development for NGOs and development professionals.

A Free High Conservation Value Forest Toolkit for Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) toolkit was developed through consultative processes and peer reviewing by experts and stakeholders. The HCVF concept was initially developed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for use in forest management certification. Within FSC certification, for compliance with Principle 9, forest managers are required to identify any… [Read More]

A Free G20 Energy Efficiency Investment Toolkit

Each year, governments, financial institutions, companies and consumers around the world are investing more than USD 221 billion into capital expenditure in buildings, industry and transport, to improve energy efficiency. For G20 countries, who are responsible for over 80% of primary energy consumption and 80% of green house gas emissions globally, energy efficiency and improved… [Read More]

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Free Zambia Partnering Toolbook: An Essential Guide to Win-Win Collaboration for Sustainable Development

This toolbook is designed to support the uptake and delivery of partnerships that contribute to sustainable development in Zambia. It provides the rationale for forming these partnerships and offers a range of practical tools that can help people work in partnership more effectively. The toolbook supports the work of the Zambia Business in Development Facility…. [Read More]

A Free Better Together Guidebook: Unleashing the Power of the Private Sector to Tackle Non-Communicable Diseases

The guidebook begins to set out how to bridge the divide between societal sectors, to engage with business and create effective partnerships to address the cause of NCDs. This guidebook has been designed particularly for non-profit organisations who wish to partner with companies against NCDs. It provides a number of frameworks to help ‘situate’ a… [Read More]

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A Free Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis

The Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis: A Working Document is designed to be a valuable resource to help staff of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), government officers, consultants, project sponsors/borrowers, and other stakeholders to effectively address the poverty and social dimensions of ADB’s operations. Ultimately, the handbook aims to contribute to positive development outcomes… [Read More]

A Free Toolkit for Rapid Economic Assessment, Planning, and Development of Cities in Asia

This tool kit provides a framework and tools for conducting rapid assessments to prepare city economic development plans in Asian cities. An analytical framework guides the reader through a series of steps for three analytical and assessment processes. These are designed to prepare economic profiles; evaluate future economic development options and pathways; and prepare strategies,… [Read More]

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A Free Gender Analysis Toolkit

It encourages community and business sectors to develop and implement policies, programs and services that provide equitable outcomes for women and men. What is gender analysis? Gender analysis is a set of processes used to assess and deepen understanding about: the differences in the lives of women and men their participation in social and economic… [Read More]

A Free Practical Guide on Disaster Risk Assessment for Project Preparation

This practical guide provides technical advice on disaster risk assessment to facilitate the consideration of disaster risks in the design of development projects. This practical guide seeks to ensure that disaster risks are properly identified and measures taken to reduce them where necessary. Disaster risk assessments can also help steer development investments to increase the… [Read More]

A Free Lean, Energy and Climate Toolkit

The Lean, Energy & Climate Toolkit offers Lean implementers practical strategies and techniques for enhancing Lean results—waste elimination, quality enhancement, and delivery of value to customers—while improving energy efficiency and reducing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, costs, and risk. There are many reasons to integrate Lean, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction efforts including: Cost… [Read More]

Civil Society and Human Rights in Peril: Threats and Responses Across the World

[MUSIC PLAYING] Everybody, I know it's a Friday It's been a long week and this is the last mile, but you're all here for what I think is a very exciting event, this panel on Civil Society and Human Rights in Peril My name is Patrick Keller I'm a professor in the department of sociology,… [Read More]