Agriculture Resources

A list of free guides, how-to tools and other resources on Agriculture for NGOs and development professionals.

Protect Our Species: Free Primer and Action Toolkit

We are seeing an unprecedented rapid reduction of plant and animal wildlife populations that is directly linked to human activity, from climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking and poaching, unsustainable agriculture, pollution, and pesticide use. The impacts are far-reaching and we must take action now to Protect our Species. Earth Day Network is committed to… [Read More]

A Free Water Project Toolkit

The Water Project Toolkit addresses the sustainable development of the water sector and contributes to translating the international development policies on freshwater resources management into actual development cooperation activities. The Water Project Toolkit is intended to be used by sector stakeholders such as governments, private sector, civil society, development partners, Universities and other training institutions,… [Read More]

A Free Food Insecurity Screening Toolkit

Food insecurity is an important but often overlooked factor affecting the health of a significant segment of the American population. To raise awareness and to offer suggestions for how health care professionals might treat food insecurity in their patients, Humana partnered with Feeding America to develop a toolkit. This resource is intended to support health… [Read More]

Free Toolkit for Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

The coastal and marine environment plays a vital role in supporting human welfare by virtue of its immense biological and mineral resources and the life-supporting systems it provides. Production operations and economic installations along the coast, such as marine fishing, aquaculture, agriculture, oil and gas exploration, ports and harbours, and tourism, contribute significantly to the… [Read More]

A Free Guide Book on Disaster Risk Management Systems Analysis

The Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Systems Analysis Guide provides a set of tools and methods to assess existing structures and capacities of national, district and local institutions with responsibilities for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in order to improve their effectiveness and the integration of DRM concerns into development planning, with particular reference to disaster-prone areas,… [Read More]

A Free Handbook for Integrating Risk Analysis in the Economic Analysis of Projects

This handbook provides guidance on integration of risk analysis in the design and analysis of projects. The Handbook provides guidance on integration of risk analysis in the design and analysis of projects. To illustrate the ease of use of quantitative risk analysis software, the Handbook includes case studies based on actual ADB projects in the… [Read More]

A Free Toolkit for Integrating Climate Change into the Development Project Cycle

This Toolkit is designed to facilitate the integration of climate change adaptation into development projects. It is organised around the following, simplified stages in the project cycle: analysis, design and implementation. Information & knowledge management, including monitoring and evaluation, is treated as an ongoing function which is integrated into each of these stages. A Toolkit… [Read More]

A Free Agrobiodiversity Handbook

This guide does not aim to be a comprehensive manual on the use and importance of biodiversity in the farmscape. Rather, it is an attempt to provide a first step in encouraging further research and a systematic approach into a field of research that concerns the livelihood of most people in Lao as well as… [Read More]

Civil Society and Human Rights in Peril: Threats and Responses Across the World

[MUSIC PLAYING] Everybody, I know it's a Friday It's been a long week and this is the last mile, but you're all here for what I think is a very exciting event, this panel on Civil Society and Human Rights in Peril My name is Patrick Keller I'm a professor in the department of sociology,… [Read More]

Poverty in India | Wikipedia audio article

Poverty is a significant issue in India, despite being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, clocked at a growth rate of 711% in 2015, and a sizable consumer economy The World Bank reviewed and proposed revisions on May 2014 to its poverty calculation methodology and purchasing power parity basis for measuring poverty worldwide… [Read More]