Take Care: A Free Toolkit provided by Save the Children

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Save the Children ran the Take Care project with primary school aged children. Across the European project, partners also worked with teenagers, youth groups and children with disabilities. This toolkit is based on the work done by Save the Children UK.

Take Care: A Free Toolkit provided by Save the Children

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Take Care is designed to be used as a framework that can be adapted to be used in a wide-range of circumstances with a diverse group of young people. Children, teachers, community members or service providers can utilise the structure, tools and tips in this toolkit and build a piece of work to enhance the resilience in their communities. This kit is not a comprehensive guide to practice change and child resilience, moreover it is meant as a useful and practicable guide to help begin developing, or further develop, stronger communities.

The Take Care tools can be adapted to the length, space, support, and resources you have available for your group. Bear in mind however that true child-led activities take time to prepare, deliver and evaluate. The programme will not work effectively to raise resilience or improve local plans unless sufficient time, expertise and effort are afforded to allowing the process to be child-led and participatory.

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What is this toolkit for?

  • To provide resources to allow others to either carry out the Take Care programme, or adapt the programme to different contexts
  • To provide guidance around participation and child-led work
  • To support planners, responders and policy makers in creating robust, inclusive, effective emergency plans that include and value the voices of children.

This toolkit will set out the Take Care programme and will include teaching and learning materials such as lesson plans, activities, links to online resources etc. From this toolkit, we intend that the user can “pick and mix” an approach that will suit their purpose and context.

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This programme can be used specifically to support children in disaster-prone areas or as a general method of building children’s confidence, resilience, and agency to effect change in their communities. In basing the work in child rights, the Take Care programme helps to build young people’s belief in their ability to change the circumstances around them, as well as boosting their skills to research, critically evaluate and advocate.

Who is this toolkit for?

  • Primary schools
  • National and local charities
  • Local authorities
  • Community groups
  • Emergency responders
  • Youth groups

You can download this tool for free here.

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