Measuring Efforts to Combat Wildlife Crime: A Free Toolkit for Improving Action and Accountability

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Developed for any organization concerned with poaching and illegal wildlife trade, this CWC toolkit recommends indicators for monitoring progress and effectiveness of ten major strategic approaches for combating wildlife crime.


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USAID’s resources for measuring efforts to combat wildlife crime include three related companion pieces. This toolkit is meant as the primary resource. Two sets of indicators – one for use at the project and activity levels, another for use at the portfolio3 level – are presented, along with a collection of associated tools (situation model, results chain-based theories of change for common strategic approaches) that were used to identify where monitoring is most needed. These tools are expected to be useful for program design, proposal review, and development of indicators to support adaptive management, evaluation, and reporting. The audience for this toolkit includes host governments, USAID and other donors, and project implementers.

In addition to this document, two summaries of potentially relevant indicators may assist with the indicator-selection process:

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  • Summary of Indicators for Combating Wildlife Trafficking (USAID 2015a) presents a comprehensive list of more than 200 indicators currently being used by other organizations to measure efforts to combat wildlife crime. They are broadly categorized by their related common strategic approaches. An analysis of trends across the indicator set found that most of the indicators identified are not being used consistently or have not been regularly monitored.
  • Summary of Indicators for Combating Wildlife Trafficking: Insights from Sectors Outside Conservation (USAID 2015b) compiles indicators from sectors concerned with public health, democracy and governance, and human trafficking that might be relevant to combating wildlife crime. No trend analysis was performed for this indicator set.

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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