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Free Women in Agricultural Toolkit: Mobile Services Practitioners

The GSMA mWomen and mAgri programmes have produced the Mobile Agricultural Services Toolkit as a guide for mobile operators, other mobile providers, and development practitioners to better serve women in this segment. It includes recommendations and tools for each stage of the product development process, as well as examples of good practices.

The products and services in question include value-added services (information, advisory, matchmaking, or other), mobile financial services, and basic services (voice, SMS, and data) delivered via mobile phone. While the focus is broadly on Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia, the framework may also be applied to other developing regions.

This document is a tool for mAgri service providers and development practitioners to reach and serve women working in agriculture more effectively. The toolkit provides recommendations, insights, and examples of good practices and tools for each stage of the product development process, and covers a full range of mobile services, including value-added (information, advisory, or other), financial, and basic services (voice, SMS, and data).

The commercial opportunity

In emerging markets, women working in agriculture are an untapped market for mobile operators.

The social opportunity

What is unique about mAgri services to women?

Women in agriculture require a tailored approach because they:

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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