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Free Advocacy Toolkit: Advocating for the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics

PARIS21 has produced a Country-level Advocacy Toolkit, which aims to help national statistical system managers and statisticians in developing countries with their own advocacy work and to demonstrate the advantages of planning advocacy systematically. It gathers, in a single package, advocacy methodology, tools, tips and messages.

The Toolkit deals with statistical advocacy at the country level. It focuses on statistical advocacy as a means to convince policy-makers, civil society, Media, NGOs and representatives of multilateral and bilateral agencies in developing countries of the importance of statistics in the wider context of development and, in particular, of the necessity for developing countries to have a well-prepared, adequately funded and successfully implemented National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS).

Targeted Audiences

How to do develop advocacy strategies for statistics

The initial analysis is probably best carried out as a brain-storming exercise through a facilitated workshop, to discuss the following steps in producing the advocacy strategy:

Participants would include a range of NSO, NSS and other stakeholders who understand the context and can contribute their ideas. Depending on the country, NSS managers may want to draw upon international experience, including from neighboring countries. This is an area to which the PARIS21 Secretariat can bring experience, including by helping to organize and facilitate workshops.

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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