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COMPASS Training Courses: A Free Handbook for Organisers

Compass National and Regional Training Courses on Human Rights Education are core activities in the programme of the Council of Europe’s Youth Department, as a direct contribution to the organisation’s mission of promoting and protecting human rights.

These courses also support the implementation of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.

The courses originated within the Human Rights Education Youth Programme, together with other initiatives such as human rights education forums, study sessions, training of trainers, and local projects. They are now part of the Council of Europe’s Youth for Democracy programme, contributing to the promotion of the inclusion of human rights education within the mainstream of youth work and youth policy.

These activities introduce and promote the concept of human rights education among key multipliers, such as youth workers, youth leaders, representatives of non-governmental organisations, human rights activists, teachers and teacher trainers.

This handbook provides the organisers and trainers of Compass training courses with insights about the essential ingredients for a successful course.

The Council of Europe provides a range of support for these training courses: financial support is in the form of grants, based on an open Call for applicants published once a year; institutional support in the form of recommendation letters to potential partners and funders, official Council of Europe representation, provision of educational materials, visibility of the activities in institutional Internet sites and documents, and communication with publishers of Compass and Compasito translations, and educational support by recommending or contracting a trainer or trainers with relevant experience to be part of the educational team on these courses.

This handbook also looks at the practical aspects of the organisation of a Compass National Training Course in Human Rights Education: its timeline, the administrative aspects related to the implementation up to and including reporting, the preparatory meeting, elements of evaluation and recognition of learning.

This handbook is structured according to the chronological sequence of implementing a Compass training course. But of course other sequences are possible, provided that they are the result of a planned process of organisation and learning.


You can download this handbook for free here.

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