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A Free Toolkit: Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal Services

The purpose of the toolkit is to provide a practical resource to help to improve the quality and impact of HIV-related legal services and to expand their availability. The toolkit provides guidance on factors to be taken into account when designing and scaling up an HIV-related legal services programme. It also provides guidance about different models and approaches for delivering, monitoring and evaluating HIV-related legal services and gives information about resource mobilization.

Who is This Toolkit For?
This toolkit is for people working to establish, strengthen or expand HIV-related legal services.
The toolkit is primarily for:

Background and Rationale

HIV-related legal services are an essential component of an effective national HIV response. HIV-related legal services:

HIV-related legal services contribute directly to building an enabling environment for effective HIV programmes. Legal services help to ensure access
to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services. Legal services enable people to claim and enforce their rights to access HIV services and thereby create demand for access to HIV services.

Examples of how legal services can support HIV prevention, treatment, care and support include the following.

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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