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A Free Toolkit: Scaling-up Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) has gained global recognition as a vital effort to empower adolescents and young people; enable them to improve and protect their health, well-being and dignity; and support them in developing critical thinking skills, citizenship, and equal, healthy and positive relationships.

What will You Find in This Toolkit?

When developing this toolkit, the IPPF Secretariat considered the needs, cultural diversity and challenges shared by different Member Associations in regards to CSE.We recognize that some countries or regions may need to expand on certain content based on the characteristics of the population, or that the way to introduce a sensitive topic may vary depending on social context – for instance, in some contexts CSE might be known as life-skills education. As a result, some sections offer more in-depth or detailed information and examples.

Is this Toolkit for You?

This publication is primarily intended for use by the following staff of Member Associations and Regional Offices:

It can also be used by other sexual and reproductive health organizations, CSE and education programme leads (public and private) and the broader
development community – including United Nations agencies that are working to improve CSE access for children, adolescents and young people.

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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