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A Free Toolkit on Themis Network Action

The Themis Network Action Toolkit was compiled drawing on the capacity development activities carried out during the implementation of the Themis project. The content is based on the materials used during the three Themis regional training programmes delivered to the beneficiary countries by the REC. The toolkit is designed to give a basic understanding of implementing law enforcement strategies for the sustainable management of natural resources and environmental protection.

The REC’s Environmental Law, Policy and Instruments team implements the project “Themis: Managing Natural Resources and Combating Environmental Crime” and provides secretariat services for the network. Themis has been funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation since its launch in November 2010.

The aims are to enhance the capacity of state actors and strengthen in- situations for the implementation of law development and enforcement strategies ion the field of environmental governance and to increase the administration and institutional capacities of the relevant national authorities, including the justice sector, regarding EU environmental legislation and the combating of environmental crimes related to natural resources and forestry.

Target Audience

The toolkit is addressed to governmental institutions at local, regional and national level with a mission related to environmental law enforcement and compliance, as well as to the wider community. The toolkit will be particularly useful to officials from the national authorities responsible for the environment, and specifically for nature protection and law enforcement, and to the judiciary, with the involvement of decentralised administrative levels (regional/local), including:


The goals of the toolkit are to:

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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