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A Free Toolkit on Global Education

Education toolkit is a free online educational resource that provides knowledge and practical educational tools on housing, land rights, and sustainable urban development.

The Global Education Toolkit was created as part of the Build Solid Ground Project, which is funded by a European Union grant under the Development Education and Awareness Raising program. 14 project partners from seven EU countries have formed a consortium to inform, educate and engage EU of citizens in global issues.

The volunteer program in which volunteers travel abroad is called Global Village. A Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip is a short-term service trip during which you can volunteer abroad. Through Habitat’s Global Village trips, volunteers are able to serve abroad in nearly 30 countries.


The toolkit is divided into 6 chapters:

Each chapter contains:

The toolkit is very adaptable to the needs of the educator concerning topic of interest, time constraints or group size. The aim is to educate and raise awareness about these issues among EU youth (15-18 years old).

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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