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A Free Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluating Children’s Participation

The toolkit provides a conceptual framework for measuring children’s participation, together with guidance on how to undertake monitoring and evaluation and practical tools that can help you gather the information you need. It can be used by organizations working directly with children, by child- and youth-led organizations, and by governments that are committed to fulfilling their obligations to respect children’s right to participate.

Booklet, compiled by the African Movement of Working Children and Youth in Nigeria, is divided into three parts:

Part 1, Children and young people’s experiences of piloting the tools

This part is intended as a way for children and young people to share their experiences and views of what participatory monitoring and evaluation means to them.

Part 2, Children and young people’s advice to facilitators of children’s participation

This part is a series of recommendations from children and young people to remind adults about what constitutes good practices in the facilitation of participation activities.

Part 3, A guide for children and young people: what you should expect from adults when the work with you

This is a child-friendly section made to enable young people to present to other young people what they should expect in terms of quality practice from adultswho are working with them and facilitating their participation.

Please note: Where possible, direct quotes have been used from children and young people, but sometimes it has been necessary for adult authors to paraphrase or summarise children’s and young people’s views.

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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