A Free Toolkit for Integrating Climate Change into the Development Project Cycle

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This Toolkit is designed to facilitate the integration of climate change adaptation into development projects. It is organised around the following, simplified stages in the project cycle: analysis, design and implementation. Information & knowledge management, including monitoring and evaluation, is treated as an ongoing function which is integrated into each of these stages.

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A Toolkit for Integrating Climate Change into the Development Project Cycle was produced by CARE International, with technical input by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

This Toolkit offers practical, “how to” guidance for integrating climate change adaptation into the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects. Its step-bystep structure helps users build climate-resilient projects with sustainable impacts. The Toolkit also includes simple checklists to ensure that development activities don’t increase people’s vulnerability to climate change. It provides guidance and recommended tools for all stages of the project cycle, as well as tools, resources and practical examples from CARE projects around the world. Water resource management and agriculture projects are specifically highlighted, as they were targeted in the early tests of the Toolkit. This interactive Toolkit is designed to be flexible.

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Users can tailor the process to meet their needs, priorities and available resources. Furthermore, we see the Toolkit as a ‘living’ document or resource. We welcome feedback on its structure, content and overall utility from users. We intend to update the Toolkit periodically as we receive this feedback and continue to learn more about the process of integrating adaptation into development projects.

This Toolkit can be used to strengthen many different kinds of development projects. However, if your project is ‘climate sensitive’ – i.e. it addresses those resources, livelihoods, services or sectors that directly rely on climate for its viability – then this Toolkit was made for you. The Climate Sensitivity Check will help assess the degree to which your project is “climate sensitive.” Less vulnerable projects may still find it helpful to go through the process of are provided to Basic Project Screening.

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This Toolkit is designed to:

  • Analyse vulnerability to climate change and adaptive capacity of your project’s target area and communities, based on both scientific information as well as local information.
  • Evaluate the risks that climate change may pose to the effectiveness and sustainability of your project.
  • Identify options for new or different activities that will increase the sustainability of the project in the context of climate change, and the impact of the project on the adaptive capacity of target populations and the ecosystems on which these populations depend for their livelihoods.
  • Implement project activities in a manner that takes climate change into account.
  • Manage and use information and knowledge generated by the analysis, design and implementation stages of your project to apply adaptive management.
  • Select tools to aid in the above processes.

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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