A Free Toolkit for Developing Your National Youth Strategy: Youth Power for Youth Rights

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Amnesty International’s Youth, Power, Action! International Youth Strategy 2017 – 2020 is inspired by a vision where young people play active roles in creating a more equitable world. Through this Strategy, Amnesty International affirms its commitment to enabling youth to lead in protecting and promoting human rights. The movement champions non-discriminatory practices in working with young people and strengthens collaboration across generations. The inclusion of young people in the movement is underpinned by mutual respect and trust.

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How was this toolkit developed?

This toolkit was informed by input from across the movement. In 2016, an organization-wide review of the International Youth Strategy indicated that the movement needed additional practical guidance to support its implementation. The review sparked

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the idea for this toolkit, with the aim of turning the broader goals of the International Youth Strategy into national level plans and commitments. As a result, Amnesty International conducted an online consultation in August 2017 and a workshop in London in October 2017. The London workshop brought together youth coordinators and activism coordinators from different Amnesty International Sections and the International Secretariat to design the toolkit content. This was also shared in draft form for consultation with and input from staff and youth leaders across the movement.

This toolkit outlines the process of developing and implementing a National Youth Strategy. It is not meant to be a one-size-fits-all template, but rather a journey you can undertake in your Section. Some Amnesty International Sections have a long history of formal work with young people, while others have started more recently. Regardless of your Section’s history, this document provides tools and lessons learnt from across the movement. In compiling it we have also drawn heavily on external resources that can inform and inspire different stages of your work.

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This toolkit can also be used to integrate a youth perspective into other existing or soon to be developed strategies, such as an Activism Strategy, Fundraising Strategy, Growth Strategy and Human Rights Education Strategy. This is important as it will never be enough to have a stand-alone National Youth Strategy if other strategies and plans do not pay attention to young people. This means that when the toolkit refers to a National Youth Strategy, it could also be understood as a youth component within a wider Strategy.

Who is the toolkit for?

The toolkit can be used by Youth Coordinators, Activism Coordinators and other young people, adult allies working on youth rights, or by anyone developing a National Youth Strategy. Managers and other decision-makers are also encouraged to use it to support the realization of the International Youth Strategy.

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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