A Free Toolkit for Civil Society to Resist the Privatisation of Education: Public Good Over Private Profit

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This toolkit is intended as a resource for civil society coalitions and organisations with a rights-based understanding of education, who want to better understand the development and impact of privatisation in the education sector in their country, and who may be thinking about, or have already embarked on, advocacy against the harmful effects of privatisation.


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While reflecting primarily the context of the Global South–both low and middle-income countries–the toolkit draws on experiences and examples from around the world, and should provide useful background, insight and ideas for activists in any context or country.

In this toolkit, GCE draws on member experience and expertise to produce a resource that can be of wider use in supporting the GCE movement, and civil society in general, to challenge those aspects of the privatisation of education that threaten to undermine the achievement of the right to free, public quality and equitable education for all.

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You can download this toolkit for free here.

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