A Free Toolkit for Action: Young Men and HIV Prevention

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This guide serves to reinforce the benefits of working with young men and provides conceptual and practical information on how to design, implement and evaluate HIV prevention activities which incorporate a gender perspective and engage young men and relevant stakeholders.

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Specific topics include how to:

  • Carry out a needs assessment to understand the influences on young men’s attitudes and behaviours and possible entry-points for engaging them in HIV prevention.
  • Facilitate group educational activities to promote critical reflections about gender norms and skill-building related to HIV prevention.
  • Design and implement campaigns to create a favourable environment for young men to assume more gender-equitable behaviours.
  • Organize health services to be more attractive to young men and more sensitive and responsive to their needs
  • Carry out advocacy to influence support and decision-making on work with young men.
  • Monitor and evaluate activities to assess and improve impact.

Who is it for?

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This tool kit is designed for programme planners, health providers, peer educators, advocates and others who work with and/or for young people on issues related to gender-equity, health and HIV and AIDS. While the research and programme examples draw primarily from experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean, many of the strategies and lessons learned are also relevant for other regions.

How should it be used?

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The toolkit is organized into different modules which can be read and used together or separately. All of the different modules, with the exception of the introduction, have accompanying “tools” for further guidance and hands-on application of concepts and strategies. It is important to keep in mind, however, that there is no single set of strategies and tools for working with young men; those presented here are intended to serve mainly as inspiration and examples and should always be adapted according to local needs and experiences. Moreover, although the programme planner, advocate or other user of the toolkit may have a specific programming focus it is worthwhile to peruse the toolkit in its entirety to gain an understanding of how programmes and advocates can support integrated efforts which work at different programme and policy levels and address the multiple health and development needs of young men.

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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