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A Free Toolkit: Digital Tools for Agriculture

Digital Development for Feed the Future (D2FTF) is a collaboration between the U.S. Global Development Lab (Lab) and the Bureau for Food Security (BFS) at USAID. Launched in September 2015, this three year partnership is aimed at integrating digital tools and approaches into the Feed the Future portfolio.

Due to the rapid global growth and increasing ubiquity of mobile and digital technologies, it is now possible to unleash a new farming revolution: one driven by data and information sharing. Digital technologies have upended business models and expanded the frontiers of information access in the developing world by increasing access to more efficient and cheaper payment and savings tools, delivering weather forecasts to actors throughout the agricultural value chain, and providing real-time pricing information to small-scale producers.

D2FTF utilizes four categories of digital tools based on evidence of their impact:


They pursue integration of digital tools into the Feed the Future portfolio by:

Sample Activities

You can download the toolkit for free here.

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