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A Free Technical Handbook: Seeds in Emergencies

This publication provides emergency practitioners with the basic technical information about seeds, necessary for planning and implementing seed relief interventions. It defines the main seed quality attributes and describes the standard testing and sampling methodologies.

This technical publication is part of FAO’s effort to assist its member countries, FAO emergency staff and humanitarian partners to improve emergency preparedness and response to seed insecurity.

This publication is a step towards improving the quality and effectiveness of seed provided in emergency operations. An understanding of the major technical aspects of seed and related aspects is necessary for planning and conducting seed security assessments, as well as for providing quality seed to vulnerable households.

This handbook is aimed at providing the field staff involved in such operations with the basic technical knowledge required for such operations. The handbook will assist emergency staff in identifying seed quality problems that can occur during seed relief activities and in taking appropriate action to maintain seed quality standards. Availability of practical information can increase the speed and effectiveness of seed relief operations.

You can download this handbook for free here.

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