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A Free Practical Handbook: Mainstreaming Gender in Energy Projects

Gender Mainstreaming in Energy Projects: A Practical Handbook has been developed by the ENERGIA International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy. ENERGIA was launched in 1996 as an initiative of committed individuals working on gender and energy research and advocacy. The ENERGIA network is hosted by the ETC Foundation in the Netherlands.

This Handbook on mainstreaming gender in energy projects seeks to provide guidance, practical tools and examples for energy projects that show how to undertake gender mainstreaming systematically.

What is this Handbook about?

Mainstreaming Gender in Energy Projects: A Practical Handbook was developed by ENERGIA4 to provide guidance on how to integrate gender concerns in energy projects:

Specifically, it helps energy projects to develop a concrete gender strategy, or a Gender Action Plan (GAP) for the project. Developing a GAP involves:

Who is it for?

The Handbook is aimed at both energy project managers and staff, as well as gender experts who are tasked with mainstreaming gender by their organisations, and will:

How is the Handbook structured?

The Handbook consists of two parts:

You can download this practical handbook for free here.

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