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A Free OCHA Gender Toolkit

This publication discusses tools to help OCHA address gender equality. It addresses OCHA’s seven minimum gender commitments.

This toolkit is designed to provide practical guidance to OCHA staff to effectively integrate gender into their day-to-day activities. It supports the implementation of the 2012 OCHA Gender Equality Policy.

The toolkit comprises two sections. Section one covers the basics of gender equality programming in humanitarian action. Section two provides practical information on mainstreaming gender in core functions of OCHA’s work.

This tool provides practical tips on how to ensure that gender is mainstreamed in preparedness efforts on the ground.

There is increasing evidence that more women than men are killed in natural disasters, and that more men than women are killed in armed conflict.In natural disasters, the deficit in women’s participation in preparedness and response often signals the marginalization of others, including the elderly,people with disabilities and minority groups.

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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