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A Free Handbook on Safe Access to Firewood and alternative Energy (SAFE)

This handbook provides find information about SAFE along 7 phases of the project cycle for design and implementation. This is a comprehensive set of resources and tools meant to provide guidance on fuel-efficient programming for all WFP staff and partners striving – at community, national and international levels – to make safe access to cooking fuel a reality.

This handbook provides guidance on fuel-efficient programming in various contexts. Triggers for implementation include:


The handbook has 10 chapters and 4 parts. Parts 1 and 2 introduce the handbook and the SAFE approach respectively. They explain WFP’s involvement in the initiative; how it complements WFP’s mainstream food assistance activities; and how, with multi-sectoral engagement, tackling the many issues around safe access to cooking fuel can help vulnerable populations flourish in the long-term.  Part 2 also lays down the multiple linkages between SAFE-related issues and food security and nutrition.

Part 3 offers a step-by-step operational guide for each stage of the programming process: assessment, design and planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. It also offers guidance for effective and ethical advocacy and communication on SAFE, and highlights potentials for expansion and scale-up. Tools are also provided for each stage of the programme cycle.

Part 4 describes promising practices and useful lessons from cross-sectoral interventions. Practices are analysed to determine whether they could be replicated in WFP’s operations.

Part 5 contains a collection of information and reference material on fuelefficient stoves and fuels, SAFE-related environmental and livelihood interventions, and their applicability in various settings.

You can download this handbook for free here.

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