A Free Handbook on How to Prevent Human Trafficking for Domestic Servitude in Diplomatic Households and Protect Private Domestic Workers

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The aim of this handbook is to raise awareness of how host states can regulate and monitor the employment conditions of private domestic workers in diplomatic households. It highlights how protocol departments and similar authorities can prevent exploitation or abuse and what can be done if it occurs.

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The purpose of this handbook is to raise awareness and inform the relevant authorities about how to prevent trafficking in human beings for domestic servitude in diplomatic households, how to detect abuses and how to react to exploitative situations while protecting the rights of the domestic worker. Although the majority of diplomatic agents and consular officers conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the highest personal and professional standards, cases of abuse and human trafficking have been identified in a considerable number of OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation. Not all cases of abuse and exploitation are cases of human trafficking. However, every case of abuse, exploitation or human trafficking is cause for concern and presents challenges requiring tailored responses.

Private domestic workers employed directly by diplomatic personnel may be brought to a host country. However, persons benefiting from privileges and immunities are under the obligation to respect the host state’s laws, including labor laws and human rights standards. This handbook will increase knowledge about strategies and policies to discourage non-compliance in the employment of private domestic workers in diplomatic households with those conditions. It presents several approaches to prevent exploitation, resolve disputes and address challenges. It will also provide examples of national practices which have proven effective towards those ends.

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You can download this handbook for free here.

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