A Free Handbook on Child-led Organisation and Advocacy on Child Labour: From Child Labour to Children in Charge

“From child labour to children in charge” is a handbook that provides theoretical and practical knowledge on child-led organisations and advocacy on child labour and is based on five years of field experience in Bangladesh. The document is published by Save the Children Sweden-Denmark in Bangladesh in close collaboration with INCIDIN Bangladesh, SEEP, BITA, Nari Maitree, UDDIPAN, CPD and Solidarity.

This handbook also includes a detailed description of different methods and processes to help understand the basic ideas of child-led advocacy and translate these basic ideas into other contexts to benefit children dealing with different issues in other parts of the world.

Although Save the Children Sweden-Denmark and its partner organisations have prior experiences with child-led organisations, it is the fi rst time in Bangladesh that children have used their power and unity to claim better working conditions. Since the project solely targeted advocacy on child labour, the focus of this book is the same topic in order to avoid becoming too broad and superfi cial.

Almost all of the activities and ideas included in the handbook are inexpensive or without cost. The idea is for children and youth to be able to organise and do advocacy without having to be overly dependent on adult organisations or donors.

Hopefully, this handbook will also be used independently by young people. Although it requires a certain level of literacy to read the book, I have tried to include plenty of illustrations and avoid highly academic language compared to other works on children’s participation.

You can download this handbook for free here.