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A Free Handbook in Entrepreneurship: How to Start an Eco-friendly Small-scale Business

This handbook sets forth a structure for the development of economically profi table, socially responsible and eco-friendly small-scale business initiatives.

The handbook focuses upon students in formal and non-formal education, but since it builds upon a methodology for the development of small-scale business in the local community it can also be used for groups of adults. You can learn about small-scale business by examining the development of a business idea in the light of the methodology described in this book.

Starting an eco-friendly and desirable business activity, either by yourself or together with others, is both challenging and rewarding. Of course your initiative should be profi table, but it is just as important to gain valuable knowledge by practising what you learn. Learning by doing will give you entrepreneurial experience you can use throughout your entire life!

This handbook is divided into six distinct steps where each step is a checkpoint.

You can download this handbook for free here.

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