A Free Good Practice Handbook: Addressing Project Impacts on Fishing-Based Livelihoods

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This handbook is intended to be a guide for projects whose development and operations impact upon fish resources and the fishing-based livelihoods of small-scale subsistence and artisanal fishermen who depend upon these resources.

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The Handbook may also be used by projects that aim to contribute to the sustainable development of fishing-based livelihoods in fishing communities within the project-affected area through their community investment programs and/or targeted development assistance.

This handbook utilizes the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach (SLA) to characterize livelihoods and thereby guide the assessment and restoration and development of livelihoods impacted by displacement.

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The handbook aims to provide such projects with:

  • a description of potential project impacts on fish resources and small-scale subsistence and artisanal fishing activities, including impacts on people’s access to and use of these resources and the productivity of their fishing activities;
  • guidance for the assessment of project impacts on fish resources, fisheries, and fishing-based livelihoods;
  • tools to identify and conduct a baseline assessment of the fish resources, fisheries, and fishing-based livelihoods in the project-affected area;
  • a description of the range and content of measures available to mitigate impacts on project-affected households and communities and/or promote development of fishing-based livelihoods through community investment programs; and
  • guidance for development of a fisheries livelihood restoration or more broadly applicable fisheries development plan that includes stakeholder involvement and participatory assessment, design and implementation of mitigation and development plans, and monitoring and evaluation.

You can download this handbook for free here.

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