A Free Global Nutrition Cluster Toolkit for Nutrition in Emergencies

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The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a nutritional response during and after an emergency situation.

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Too often, in the high-pressure context of emergencies, key aspects of nutritional health and well-being are not adequately addressed. Poor decisions are made in the short-term, which have long-term negative impacts on the nutritional stability of the affected populations.

Failure to meet the nutritional needs of populations in emergencies jeopardizes the ability to resist and fight infectious diseases. Growth and development, particularly of children and women, is disrupted resulting in increased childhood malnutrition, poor reproductive health and worsening pregnancy outcomes.

This toolkit is intended for nutritional programmers during emergency situations. The toolkit aims to offer guidance to nutritionists and humanitarian workers on the various key nutrition interventions to ensure a timely, predictable and effective response to humanitarian nutrition issues.

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You can download this Toolkit for free here.