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A Free Gender Training Toolkit

World Vision’s Gender Training Toolkit is a comprehensive response to the global challenge of implementing a GAD focus in World Vision’s work. The Toolkit reflects World Vision’s ethos, core values and policy. After decades of intentional work and effort amongst the organisation’s leadership and staff,women and men in World Vision ADPs (Area Development Programmes) are also beginning to share burdens, ideas and decisions.

While many gender training materials developed by other NGOs are available to development practitioners,the World Vision Gender Training Toolkit is a response to specific issues and challenges faced by field staff, especially in the context of a Christian NGO,in daily work. Sessions provided here focus on pragmatic uses of these tools and concepts for World Vision staff at all levels, and adapt several internationally recognised tools.

World Vision’s design, monitoring and evaluation (DME) is called LEAP. In English, the acronym stands for Learning through Evaluation with Accountability and Planning. This framework is the result of a comprehensive Partnership process to achieve a common DME approach.

LEAP promotes quality, accountability and professionalism in programming with communities. LEAP implementation builds competence and confidence, and models systematic prospective learning.

Integration of Gender and Development analysis and principles within each phase of the LEAP Cycle is an important goal in the Gender Training Toolkit. Key GAD concepts support sound conceptualisation and rigorous programme design within Assessment, Design,Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation and Reflection.

Audience for the Gender Training Toolkit

Facilitators for World Vision’s gender training workshops can use these Gender Training Toolkit sessions to meet Gender and Development training needs of staff in every country, at every level.

Training sessions in the Toolkit include approaches, activities and materials for increasing World Vision staff expertise in gender and development issues in a participatory learning environment. Participants discuss obstacles and challenges and are encouraged to develop innovative strategies to address these. Their experience with LEAP, Transformational Development, sectors and programming tracks informs discussions and enhances integration of GAD with World Vision’s ongoing development work.

Gender Training Toolkit: Objectives

This Gender and Development (GAD) Training Toolkit represents a dynamic and living process,encompassing decades of experience while creating space for discussion,adaptation and development of tools, new insights and future research in GAD.As they are all a part of this process, your investment in study and use of this Toolkit for training is an integral part of its ultimate success.

Overall Objectives

You can download this toolkit for free here.

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