A Free Better Together Guidebook: Unleashing the Power of the Private Sector to Tackle Non-Communicable Diseases

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The guidebook begins to set out how to bridge the divide between societal sectors, to engage with business and create effective partnerships to address the cause of NCDs. This guidebook has been designed particularly for non-profit organisations who wish to partner with companies against NCDs.

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It provides a number of frameworks to help ‘situate’ a potential collaboration in terms of what it aims to achieve, and the appropriate form it should take. It looks at what incentives a company may have for working collaboratively to reduce NCDs. And it provides a range of tools and templates to support the development of a partnership, from building the essential elements for effective collaboration, to understanding issues such as conflict of interest and power imbalances.

While the tools and approaches presented are based on field experience, good partnering practice cannot come from simply following templates. Every situation is complex and unique, and it is through the experience of doing, by experimenting, by making mistakes, by being adaptive and, most importantly, by being both observant and reflective that practitioners can build their expertise in collaboration.

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Finally, though the examples used in the guidebook are from organisations working within the NCD space, most of the principles and tools are applicable across the wider health and other development agendas.

You can download this guidebook for free here.

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